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Prenatal Massage

60 min-$150 
90 min-$220
*Travel fee not included*

The prenatal massage is a relaxing treatment that enhances the function of muscles and joints, improves circulation and general body tone. It helps to relieve mental fatigue along with physical fatigue, weight bearing tension and reduces swelling.

Firm Swedish Massage

60 min-$150
90 min-$220
*Travel fee not included*

Firm Swedish massage is a mixture of Swedish and deep tissue. This massage is for people wanting more of a deep tissue therapeutic effect without the discomfort often associated with deep tissue massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

60 min-$150
90 min-$220
*Travel fee not included*

The deep tissue massage releases muscle tension, provides deep pain relief, loosens scarred tissue and lengthens muscles. Therapist may use elbows, a closed hand, massage tools and more to apply pressure.

Bee's Royal Treatment

Approx.60 min- $125.00
*Travel fee not included*

This treatment includes a back sugar scrub followed by a back dead sea mud mask wrap, and finishes up with a 20 minute massage. This treatment will help eliminate cellulite, remove dead skin, eliminate toxins, improve impurities and much more leaving your skin with a more smooth natural glow.

Infrared Detox Body Wrap

45 min- $100

The infrared detox wrap relieves aches and pains of everyday life and infrared heat emitted is capable of relaxing your tense muscles. The infrared detox wrap also helps to release toxins, increase metabolism, boost your immune system, aids in weight loss and more. When receiving this treatment you will be wrapped with osmotic body wrap and place inside the infrared blanket.

Cupping Therapy

60 min-$120

Cupping therapy is when special cups are applied to your skin to create a suction that decompresses muscles and connective tissues. This will then help relieve pain, tight muscles, inflammation, toxins, increases blood circulation and more. Marks can last anywhere from a few hours to two weeks.. This service will also come with a mini massage


*A treatment from above must be purchased in addition to receive add on service.* 

Full Body Sugar Scrub- $35.00 (Exfoliate dead skin leaving the body soft and smooth with a beautiful glow.)

CBD or Aroma Therapy Massage $10.00

30 Minute Massage $65.00

Foot Detox $60 (single service) 

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